Legally Avoid Tax

You might be asking why on a pension website there’s information about legally avoiding tax.  Well, we are independent financial advisers, dealing with many clients and not just their pensions, we also provide investment and help to avoid tax legally. 

You may be able to avoid tax on your earnings, rental income, pension income, capital gains and even inheritance tax…

  • Avoid Income tax. Many of us dread the end of January (and July) when we have pay our tax bills. But for many people, with careful planning the amount of tax can be reduced. 
  • Avoid Capital gains tax. This seems to be a tax that the Government has been targeting more and more, with reduced allowances and higher rates for certain assets. It is probably true to say this is a more problematic tax to avoid or reduce, but some options are available. 
  • Avoid Inheritance tax.  With rising house prices more and more people will potentially be subject to inheritance on death. It can easily be avoided by giving away assets (and living seven years), but that it not a solution everyone wants to do.   

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